User manual for the device Akai CDXL. Online user manual database. Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for Akai CDXL Stereo Receiver User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. USING THE SXL IN ‘OLD AKAI’ MODE! .. USING SELECT PROG – PROGRAMS WITH THE SAME NUMBER.

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This shows a blank, empty song or take list. This sets how much velocity will control the modulation output of ENV2.

For effects channel 1, you could select afilthy, heavy metal distortion sound with copius amounts of chorus, delay and a large hallreverb. A bass drum, however, which has very few upper harmonics, could feasibly be sampled at 20kHz.

This allows you to use note-on velocity to introduce LFO1 modulation.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Withset to ON, each note you play will reset the cycle of theselected waveform to its leading edge. This function is useful when you have a small, short, single cycle loop that has latched onto some strange, discordant aspect of the sound and is slightly out of tune with the rest of it.

This sets the time before the reverse reverb will start sounding. Please check your digital connections. All natural sound comes in the form ofvariations in cd3000x pressure.

Also, the take editing and parameter adjustments described above should overcome any discrepancies you may encounter. More recently, the removable cartridge types of storage deviceshave become increasingly popular.



Arranging is a faster operation than a full format it simply initialises directories into a format suitable for use by the CDXL. Pressing SAVE gives this screen: Once you become familiar with the FIND function, akaj will find it an invaluable aid to quicklysearching for and loading sounds.

Page 89 NOTE 1: If the resonance is decreased, the gain is cut as the resonance gets sharper. Portamento This may be useful when you wish to play a sound normally but only apply portamento to a few notes.

Akai CD3000XL Stereo Receiver User Manual

Loading Standard Midi Files Of course, you cannot edit these sequence files but thisfunction allows you to use the CDXL as a sequence data filer so that, if you are playing liveand require backing tracks or whatever, you can do so without the inconvenience of takingyour sequencer with you.

Deleting samples is destructive. Sectional Editing Now press You will receive this screen: The attenuator should be enough to overcome distortion that may result from veryhigh resonance settings. Usually, you must use to format a new disk for use in the CDXL. Other non-pitched samples such as sound effects, breakbeats, drum loops, etc. These include the keyboard spanning, filters, envelopes,sample assignments, janual and level adjustments, individual outputassignment, etc.

You must first choose which type of modulation effect you want to use in theThe choices arefield. To format a floppy disk, insert the disk in the drive, and press.


Akai CDXL user manual – – Solve your problem

If you wantto stretch the whole sample which is the usual applicationthis field will be set as soon as youselect the sample. See terms – opens in a new window or tab. Now make your selection in thefield by moving the cursor to this field anduse the DATA wheel to make your selection. Wkai Samples – Copying And Renaming PIANO C 3 is best – this tells you the instrument and the note it is sampled on so it will be easier to set your program mwnual later when you come to assign your samples to specific keyranges.

Editing A Take For Synchronised Playback, Notes About Synchronising To External Audio In most cases, there should be no problems in synchronising takes to external audio material because the playback response time of the CDXL is extremely fast and sync accuracy is in the region of a few milliseconds.

Deleting samples is destructive. For this, you set each of the sixteen parts to a unique MIDI channel so that canthey may all be played from a sequencer outputting a complex arrangement with each elementof the arrangement playing on a different MIDI channel.

Page Watch out for distortion, however, with such high resonance settings.