Enriquecido con Aire o Nitrox buceo constantemente ganando popularidad entre los buceadores que desean maximizar su tiempo de fondo, minimizar sus. The NITROX course is the most famous PADI diving course in the world. Enriched air diving gives Buceo nocturno Especialidad PADI. ,00 € Add to basket. Estos sistemas son una ayuda para los instructores de buceo en el ámbito del Con la certificación de los compresores Nitrox de BAUER otorgada por el TÜV.

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What do the dives consist of? The reason behind is based on the physiological effect of weariness we feel when N2 accumulates in our body tissues. Now, if you do the same with EAN40, the bottom times rise to 98 min and 61 min, respectively.

Sale!! Course PADI Open Water Diver + NITROX free

Posted 11 December, Safety in diving requires following strictly the procedures established as standards. In addition, proper buoyancy control is the best skill for environmental protection. Add Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Theory session and two enriched air bceo. Start your diving certification online.

This program is also a prerequisite for getting involved in Technical Diving. You will plan for yourself and your companion up to a limit of 18m deep According to Age.

At the end of the theory part, a short test must be completed in order to assess the acquired knowledge and to secure the highest level possible to scuba dive with enriched air.

The ease of movement without a heavy tank on the back and a new feeling of buoyancy are enticing advantages of the program.

One theory session, and one or two optional or jitrox scuba dives. Click to select No Apartment Villa Hotel. In this course you will learn the specifics, rules of conduct and movements of diving knowledge in currents.


Open up another world of diving in rivers and streams! Considerations about diving equipment with enriched air. The PADI Introx Water Diver course is the most popular diving course in the world and has introduced millions of people to the diving adventure lifestyle.

NITROX enriched air. Only Theory – Diving Sotogrande

The Perfect Buoyancy program will improve your swimming position and reduce your effort which will lead to less air consumption.

Zomm the area you are interested in and for temperature just move the thermometer Buy your activity on the best day. Diving with enriched air nitrox benefits all kinds of diving specialties, however it works especially well with these specialties:. We offer a variety of materials to study at home for the Open Water Diver course.

Add Adventure to compare successful. cob

Now the benefits are being discovered by more and more recreational divers. You will learn about equipment selection best suited for you, care and maintenance of your equipment, and how to properly store it; to ensure performance and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

Zomm the area you are interested in and for temperature just move the thermometer. Theory session and dive simulation Option 2: Therefore, if your air consumption is not altered by using EANx instead of air, the duration of the dive will not become longer by the sheer fact of using EANx instead of air.

This adventure is ubceo longer in available. We are in La Herradura, Click on the map to get all the instructions how to arrive. Theory session fon enriched air dive. Terms and conditions of use Legal Notice.

You can choose among three options: Our tissues will absorb a lower amount of it, which possibly would give a lower feeling of weariness that we would have got, if we had breath air.

PADI underwater digital photography specialty — Photographers generally like to do several dives in order to get more underwater photos. What does the course include? Nitrox or Enriched Air used for diving, hitrox, has had more Oxygen added to it and different rules and calculations apply.


Without proper training, this kind nitgox diving can put you at risk. In the theory nitroc, we will focus on: Digital Underwater Photography will teach you the nittox photography techniques to get better results instantly and teach you how to optimize your camera system with valuable accessories. The PADI deep diving course — The deeper your dive, the shorter your non-stop time — however the nitrox enriched air increases it giving you more time in depth.

Buceo Con Nitrox Playa Del Carmen – Los Mejores Precios

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Since Nitrox has more oxygen in it, and oxygen is actually toxic at certain depths read why this isNitrox divers have an increased risk of oxygen toxicity.

In the practical part, we will practice analyzing oxygen content in the scuba tank and we will set the dive computer for diving with enriched air before the dive. The manual is included!! Senderismo con Raquetas de Nieve. Biceo kind of diving is already common practice for a lot of wreck- and cave divers.

NITROX Diving with enriched air. Full course

Nifrox included in the price. To become a safe and confident diver, it is critical to develop an understanding of navigation. Home About Us Contact. The Search and Recovery program will teach you different search patterns for use in various conditions and the proper techniques to lift objects.

You no longer have to make a choice between safety and longer dive times — nitrox is the key. Enhance your dive trips!