Gaudiya Giti-guccha application presents the entire collection of the latest and classic Gaudiya bhajans and prayers compiled by Srila Bhakti. Download the Gaudiya Giti-guccha at Aptoide now! ✓ Virus and Malware free ✓ No extra costs. Gaudiya Giti-guccha – Gaudiya Giti-guccha application presents the entire collection of the latest and classic Gaudiya bhajans and prayers.

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As Radha-ramana Rama, He nourishes His pure devotees, drives away dry impersonalism, and removes gucccha imitations of bhakti. Balarama has come as Nityananda. I am taking hold of your lotus feet! Awaken in my heart that most auspicious rati.

Gaudiya Giti-guccha Download APK for Android – Aptoide

Samdgata bliakta-vrnda kT jaya! Thus, Bhaktivinoda Thakura is seeing the glories of Sn Gaurariga. Because you are helping in these lllas, Their meetings must be successful!

Please benedict him with Your mercy. That secluded spot is also perfectly suitable for me – I will sit right there and relish Their pastimes with you. O You who assume the form of a fish! All I know is that I am Yours, and You are mine.

Gaudiya Giti-guccha

If you see that form, you will not be able to return home again. All are weeping and are about to die. This prasada is full of nectar. Great for browsing, perfect for finding prayers and praises for the appearance, disappe This is a great book. Singing her glories burns to ashes the reactions of even the greatest of sins. O dearmost friend of Lalita! Day and night the GosvamTs were doing their bhajana in that Vrndavana and bestowing upon all jivas the highest benediction of life in the form of bhakti.


You have this right because I am Your eternal servant. Except for You, who else is mine in this world? Vyasa transmitted this knowledge to Madhvacarya, who is also known as Purnaprajna TTrtha and who was the sole refuge for his disciple Padmanabha TTrtha.

In this way the guru-parampard is properly understood. Gitl refuse to hear his name. Sri Guru vandana nama-srestham manum api sacl-putram atra svarupam rupam tasyagrajam uru-puririi mdthurim gosthavatim rddhd-kundarii giri-varam aho!

With the mercy of Gaurasundara one can obtain the vision of Radha-Syama at the end of life. Renouncing all family ties, just worship the Lord of Vraja. Even after receiving this rare human birth, I have wasted this gihi, not having performed bhajana of Radha-Krsna.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. I know Your compassion is such that You will not reject me.

For Her sake I will gladly tolerate the pain and agony of death hundreds of times. Syama-kunda, composed of exceptionally pure water, is my sole shelter. Bali surrendered himself to Vamanadeva, who helps the devotees achieve atma-nivedana, full surrender.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. O queen of the forest of Vrndavana! All glories to You, because You remove the torments, sins, and sufferings of the residents of this world by bathing the earth at Kuruksetra in rivers of blood from the bodies of the demoniac ksatriyas whom You slay.

For those persons of satisfied intelligence who recite this prayer, please increase their current of bhakti for the lotus-eyed SrT Krsna who liberates people from all their sins – this is my supplication at your feet. There is nothing else for me. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the Golden Lord and spiritual preceptor of all the worlds, made Isvara Puri greatly fortunate by accepting him as dlksd-guru.


It can be refreshed with data for every year. All glories to You, because in the waters of the universal dissolution You killed the demon Hayagriva and rescued the Vedas. Her complexion is the color of molten gold and Her beauty and qualities are matchless. Your happy and elevated philosophical conceptions have crowned and seated you along with that esteemed personalilty, Srlla Jlva GosvamT.

I cannot move from here and have forgotten the material world.

May that Sri Jagannathadeva be the object of my vision. Chant the names of Hari! The latest version is 2. My heart will become contaminated with the hope of receiving honor from others, and I will surely go to hell. Preaching without proper conduct falls within the category of karma, mundane activity. And all the cows and Your friends – where are they?

So my dandavat- pranama to the lotus feet of svayam Hari who is Yadava-Krsna. You send your messengers who cleverly make all arrangements so that Srl Radha-Krsna can unite for Their keli-vilasa.

She is very vuccha with Guvcha countless deep qualities. O Yamune, whose powerful waves are very purifying and who gti surrounded by all the demigods!

She is the jasmine flower for the bumblebee Srl Krsna.