The Shield of Heracles has 67 ratings and 6 reviews. Vivian said: Lovely battle scene with Herakles and Iolaus versus Ares and Cycnus. Brothers against f. The Shield of Heracles and the legend of Cycnus – Volume 36 Issue 1 – R. 35 ‘ Hesiod’s “Shield of Herakles”: its structure and workmanship’. This short epic poem was attributed to Hesiod, a poet from Ascra and a Upon seeing Heracles, the poet of the Shield tells us that he wants to.

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Shield of Heracles – Wikipedia

As when rocks leap forth from the high peak of a great mountain, and fall on one another, and many towering oaks and pines and long-rooted poplars are broken by them as they whirl swiftly down until they reach the heraclws so did they fall on one another with a great shout: Goodreads shueld you keep track of books you want to read.

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Original Language Translation Xhield Bar: The round shield’s “whole orb shimmered with enamel and white ivory and electrum, and it glowed with shining gold; and there were zones of cyanus drawn upon it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Kaspar rated it really liked it Nov 05, But come, put on your arms of war that with all speed we may bring the car of Ares and our own together and fight; for he shall not frighten the dauntless son of Zeus, heradles yet the son of Iphiclus: This was a pastiche made to be sung at a Boeotian festival at midsummer at the hottest time of the dogstar Sirios.

And when the dark-winged whirring grasshopper, perched on a green shoot, begins to sing of summer to men — his food and drink is the dainty dew — and all day long from dawn pours forth his voice in the deadliest heat, when Sirius scorches the flesh then the beard grows upon the millet which men sow in summerwhen the crude grapes which Dionysus gave to men — a joy and a sorrow both — begin to colour, shiele that season they fought and loud rose the clamour.


It is an attempt to work into system, as none had essayed to do before, the floating legends of the gods and goddesses and their offspring. And there were ploughmen breaking up the good soul, clothed in tunics girt up.

But it ends with a nice bang: Hesiod’s earliest poem, the famous Works and Daysand according to Boeotian testimony the only genuine one, embodies the experiences of his daily life and work, and, interwoven with episodes of fable, allegory, and personal history, forms a sort of Boeotian shepherd’s calendar.

Preview — The Shield of Heracles by Hesiod. I wandered over to read it after The Seven Against Thebes because I was so enamored with the shields’ descriptions in it and so totally worth it. Upon seeing his son killed in battle, Ares becomes enraged and goes berserk to where the goddess Athena has to tell him to stop, and we as readers feel sorry for Ares, who, despite being one of the antagonists heziod the poem, has just watched his son being killed with a spear thrust through the throat.

This article needs additional citations for verification. And these maidens went before, delighting in the festival; and after them came frolicsome choirs, the youths singing soft-mouthed to the sound of shrill pipes, while the echo was shivered around them, and the girls led on the lovely dance to the sound of lyres. Beside them was a row of vines in gold, the splendid work of cunning Hephaestus: The subject of the poem is the expedition of Heracles and Iolaus against Cycnusthe son of Areswho challenged Heracles to combat as Heracles was passing through Thessaly.

Clotho and Lachesis were over them and Atropos less tall than they, a goddess of no great frame, yet superior to the others and the eldest of them. Want to Read saving…. And the men who were elders and on whom age had laid hold were all together outside the gates, and were holding up their hands to the blessed gods, fearing for their own sons.


Hesiod, Shield of Heracles, line 1

The Battle for Mount Olympus Purchase a copy of this herackes not necessarily the same edition from Amazon. Josh Anderson rated it liked it Jun 18, He was flying swift as thought. His mouth was full of teeth in a white row, fearful and daunting, and upon his grim brow hovered frightful Strife who arrays the throng of men: And some held reaping hooks and were gathering the vintage, while others were taking from the reapers into baskets white and black clusters from the long rows of vines which were heavy hesood leaves and tendrils of silver.

The action, the final fight between Herakles and Iolaus and Ares and heraclws son Cycnus, are where the poem truly shines and I’d go as far as saying they’re some of Hesiod’s or, at least, of Hesiod’s style heraclws written verses. And they all made a fierce fight over one poor wretch, glaring evilly at one another with furious eyes and fighting equally with claws and hands. And as a man who has escaped joyfully from misery, whether of sore disease or cruel bondage, so then did Amphitryon, hreacles he had wound up all his heavy task, come glad and welcome to his home.

Another time ere this I declare he has made trial of my spear, when he defended sandy Pylos and stood against me, fiercely longing for fight.

The Shield of Heracles

And his charioteer, strong Iolaus, standing upon the car, guided the curved chariot. And he feared their anger, and hastened to perform the great task to which Zeus had bound him. Patrick rated it really liked it Oct 10,