Source, ? Label: Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (Landesforstgesetz. 11 Magazines from found on – Read for FREE. Forest Law (Landeswaldgesetz/Landesforstgesetz, LFoG), including forest master . Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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The roadway should as far as possible be inclined on both sides watch-glass section with a camber of about 2 percent in its centre section, increasing landedforstgesetz percent at its edges, accompanied by a trench on its uphill side on sloping terrain.

The multitude of different recreational uses nature watching, hiking, strolling, cycling, horseback riding, mountain biking leads to additional conflicts and their aggregate impact occasionally results in an overtaxation of the common usage rights of forest access.

For the design of the cross-section, and particularly for lateral run-off of water, it is important that the subgrade and base course are prepared with a camber and not as a flat surface. In NRW they are available to a resident population of 18 million as well as visitors from outside the region. With the exception of small-scale private woodlands, forest road networks in NRW have lzndesforstgesetz a state of completion.

Besides this, there is still a need for access roads in the smallest categories of private woodland, whereby it appears expedient to combine several small woodland ownership into one development unit usually according to topographical criteria.

Skip to main content. Annual expenditure planned or overall amount of individual aid granted to the company. On the other hand, forest roads have become increasingly popular with the general public for recreational purposes. Any more detailed planning documents require the consultation of expert planners and landesforztgesetz expenses which may run counter to the apparently “low profile” lnadesforstgesetz of the law only notification, no requirement for official approval.

This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Machines should be checked daily for leakage of mineral oils.

Way History: | OpenStreetMap

If less foreign materials are used for road construction and maintenance, the adverse ecological impact can be minimized. Hydraulic chisel hammers should be used instead. Storage areas landesforstgesftz have a capacity of at least a half truckload of timber. As far as the terrain permits, these perimeter storage areas should be continuous. In doing so it quickly became obvious that there were numerous questions to be answered before the problems addressed could be clarified and evaluated from a legal and practical point of view.


The steel, synthetic fibres, motor vehicle and shipbuilding industries are excluded owing, among other things, to the fact that appropriate measures have been agreed in relation to regional investment aid Name and address of the granting authority Name: It can thereby be assumed that the above-described “minimum standards”, as required in a letter of notification – made, if necessary, with the assistance of landezforstgesetz forestry official – are within the realm of capability of a forest landowner who is familiar with his property.

In order to prevent surface water from collecting, a sufficient number of cross-channels should be incorporated. Landesfforstgesetz the Land is an economic and cultural centre for western Europe, 80 percent of it landssforstgesetz of open cultivated land from the lowland plain to the foothills of the mountains, with fields and meadows, forests, rivers and lakes.

It will thereby be necessary to rely on the scrutiny of the contractor, since the vast majority of road construction machines are not subject to compulsory independent inspection TUV. Small and medium-sized enterprises Competition State aids Directory code: The proposed course laandesforstgesetz the landeesforstgesetz should also be made visible on site before construction work begins.

Title of aid scheme or name of company receiving individual aid.

Der deutsche Wald – by Conrad Speth on Prezi

Environmentally sound forest roads 1. Turning circles and passing points: Viennese structural improvement measures. Even if large expanses, in particular of the state-owned forest of Nordrhein-Westfalen, may be deemed to be developed adequately, from a forestry point of view there is still a need to upgrade the forest road system, especially in the case of corporate and private woodlands.

At the basic level of forest administration there are 35 forest offices, responsible for forests of all ownership categories within a given district Figure 1. In the case of new road construction it would appear expedient to require that the notification of proposals be accompanied by a topographical map on a scale of 1: Gradients in the longitudinal section of the road should be kept at a minimum, but should be in excess of 2 percent.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

In the practice of forest access road construction, hauling distances of up to km are not uncommon. Landeshaushaltsordnung LHO vom Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt Gruppe Sonderprogramm.

It is often possible to construct roads with natural materials brought from only a short ,andesforstgesetz. It was therefore decided to carry out research on the issue of environmentally sound forest road construction in Nordrhein-Westfalen. In conformity with Article 6 of the Regulation The measure excludes awards of aid or requires prior notification to the Commission of awards of aid, a. The upbrow should be within as small a width as possible as a rule on the uphill side 1 m wider than the road with embankment, on the valley side approximately road and embankment width.


If suitable construction material cannot be extracted from landesfogstgesetz immediate vicinity, specific criteria should be observed when obtaining materials from external sources. A “sensible” choice of materials that harmonize with the integral ecosystem must include appropriate weighting of the hauling distance factor. Employment of recycled building materials and industrial landesforsygesetz is only viable for environmentally compatible forestry road construction if at least the same material compatibility standards are applied as for public highway construction under landesforstgeswtz laws and subsequent regulations.

Activities relating to the manufacture, processing and marketing of goods listed in Annex 1 to the EC Treaty. Mineral material can be obtained inexpensively as pre-screened material. This upper level of forest administration works within the same division as Conservation of Nature and Species, Landscape Conservation and Hunting.

A maximum of 8 percent is desirable. Although, or even because, they have been intensively cultivated and used. The potential of employing the soil exchange process to obtain suitable material for a landesforstgedetz subgrade or base course is probably considerably greater than presently exploited. Turning areas require a large amount of space; culs-de-sac are thus to be avoided as far as possible.

Approvazione progetti di aiuto in esenzione ai sensi del regolamento CE n.

After landesforstgewetz succession of negative lanresforstgesetz, the practice of excavation can only be recommended when the open cut produces materials of a quality similar to that expected from a quarry grading curve, material hardness and when quality control is possible. Before commencing a new construction project or comprehensive maintenance work, an appraisal should thus be made of the suitability of natural materials already available on site and the extent to which they permit the striven nrs construction standards to be attained.

Difficult topographical conditions steep slopes, wet areas or complicated ownership patterns often rule out a meaningful stipulation of this figure, which in any case makes no qualitative statement nor an indication of the need for additional access roads. The intensity of utilization reaches a particularly high level in recreational areas and conurbation.

Name and address of the granting authority.