Hey guys, here’s my latest project, a Ligeti Stratos. This model is based on the real Stratos designed by Charles Ligeti. It’s an ultralight kit. After taxiing trials and several low level hops 5 to 10 feet above the ground, the pilot commenced the takeoff for the aircraft’s first test flight. This aircraft was intended to be the production version of the “Stratos” aircraft. The prototype version had successfully flown some hours.

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Ligeti Stratos 45 inch from RCfoam. – RC Groups

Remember Me Forgot Password? Share This Page Tweet. Categories Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy Text of the printing and Typesetting industry. General details General details Date: He then conducted a take-off, and operated in the local area for about 17 minutes.

The main aft wing is now ready for the dihedral. I’m slowly coming back to where I was a while back with my interest level in the hobby. It doesn’t have the vertical my Lil Ligeti has, but I think I’ll keep it this way for a bit. The airspeed slowly increased to 57 knots and the pilot managed to climb the aircraft over the end of the runway. As my kit is on the way Very Cool Joe. The reductions in both weight and induced drag made the aerodynamically clean configuration suitable for soaring.


For those like myself who are interested in the 45″ version, I pass along the reply to an strstos I sent asking about when it would be ready for sale: The crash does not mean that the concept is not stable.

WildthingMay 29, SukhoiLover and Wildthing like this. Jul 15, I had to add some nose weight and all I had was a small multi tool so I attached it with some Velcro until I can get something better.

I’ve been wanting to build one of these for a long time. Originally Posted by Carl Petersen.

Investigation: – Ligeti Stratos, Mangalore VIC, 10 July

The engine mounting was lowered such ligetj the ducted propeller was totally below the main wing and the lower part of the propeller duct was extended well forward to form a “channel or strake”. This is consistent with an occurrence during the low level hops when the pilot had been flying 5 to 10 feet above the runway with full power and had closed the throttle.

Engine RPM appeared straros. I chose 15 minute to give me plenty of work time. In addition, a brass vacuum pipe insert to the crankcase was found to be loose. FoamCrusher If it floats For more information and the historical events, please see the Blog section.


That gave xtratos a two part upper wing. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: One of the main objectives of the Open Source Ligeti Stratos Project is to encourage the participation of commercial interests in the project to make engines, instrumentation, assemblies, materials and services available to individual builders through a coordinated supply chain.


Also keep everything flat so as not to introduce any warps. Video coverage of the flight suggests a maximum height of about 75 feet was attained.

You will probably have noticed the connection between the two wings. This would have prevented the engine from achieving full power.

Ron is the son of the designer of a small, but very remarkable airplane, the Ligeti Stratos. The Sunny has covered alu framed wings, the Stratos has composite wings. Go ahead and place the order by phone and we will be more than happy to send it to you.